About Us

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The Family

Jake and I met while attending the LDS church in San Diego, CA, USA. Jake was going to California Western Law School and I was attending San Diego State University. After we married, we lived in San Diego for a couple of years before moving to Arizona, USA. After 5 years there, we moved to San Jose, CA, USA. That was our last home before making the decision to quit jobs, sell {almost} everything, homeschool, and travel the world.

Jake has a business teaching non-profit companies how to fundraise and a podcast. I have a fitness website I maintain and homeschool the children. The children are explorers and learners and we help cultivate their desire to learn and interact with people all over the globe.

We Are Individuals, Too

Jake: Typical oldest child, type-A personality in an adult body. He is the President and CAJ (Chief Adventure Junkie) at The Smart Fundraiser and Family Before Fortune and loves to try out new exciting things like climbing volcanoes in the Philippines, spending entire summers backpacking National Parks, skydiving, rock climbing and scuba diving with sharks.  He has BA in Philosophy from Brigham Young University and a minor in analytic thinking and deductive logic (I know boring right? It gets worse). He also has a dual MBA/JD and is a member of the State Bar of Arizona.

Kari: Typical oldest child, type-A personality in an adult body. Wife to Jake and mother of our three children. Sitting still is a chore and makes me go crazy. I feel like I am a better mom when out exploring with the children. Organization and cleanliness are key to my happiness in life. I am a San Diego State University graduate in Kinesiology. I have worked as a personal trainer and taught small group fitness classes. It is my passion to keep me, my family, and others active all the days of their lives. Many people have asked how I feel about our traveling around the world. My answer: It was MY idea!

Averi: Typical oldest child, type-A personality in an 11 year old body. Notice a pattern? She is a budding author, artist, and movie maker. She is a strict rule follower and will not be swayed to do wrong. (We think we’ll keep her like that!) She loves to read and the bigger the book, the better. Her imagination is incredible and she can conjure up some great ideas. Her biggest wish at this point in life is to have her own room. How Averi feels about traveling the world: Excited!

Claire: The refreshing non-type A personality to add spontaneity and out-of-our-comfort-zone situations to our lives. Has a giant heart and loves all people. She spends more time with her feet in the air than on the ground. Her super power is knowing people’s annoyance buttons. She loves to get a reaction. Claire makes friends easily wherever we are. She is 8 years old and her biggest wish at this time in life is to be older so she can do whatever she wants. How Claire feels about traveling the world: Depends on the day!

Tage: Boy in every way. Intense and passionate about all things happening in life. He has some great dance moves. Superheroes and Legos are the center of his little world. At the young at of five he has already mastered riding a scooter and a two-wheel bike. He also excels in playing video games, much to Mom’s chagrin. He looks up to his sisters and looks forward to playing with them everyday. Going to Hawaii and eating Poi will make him feel accomplished in life. How Tage feels about traveling the world: Unless we go to Hawaii to eat Poi, he’s not interested!


Family Goals

  • Be united as a family
  • Be loving to one another and those around us
  • Be grateful for what we have and share with others
  • Be learners
  • Be joyful no matter the circumstances
  • Be compassionate