We are excited to partner with companies that promote adventure seeking in a family setting. If you believe family unity is strengthened through travel and 24/7 togetherness, we are a perfect match. Contact us if you are interested in working with us, we’d love to chat.

Prior to our travels we were a typical family with Jake working the 9-5 while I stayed home with the children and worked as a personal trainer in the evenings. The children were in school, having playdates, and involved in after school activities. The 9-5 was becoming a suffocating way of life and we needed to shake things up. Memories of our week long vacations to Disneyland kept coming mind. We enjoy spending 100% of our time together creating the very best memories. That recollection is the precise moment A Transformational Life began.

One evening I suggested the plan, that was so far off the radar, I knew Jake would jump on board. He likes to participate in shocking adventures. The plan: sell {almost} everything we own, buy one way tickets to somewhere exotic, and see what happens.

We believe that family bonds are strengthened through adventure, travel, and experiencing culture. We believe that travel teaches us flexibility, patience, kindness, tolerance, and to give of ourselves. We believe family travel increases trust in one another and traveling abroad helps us to overcome fears, anxieties, and self-imposed limitations.

We are transforming our lives one adventure at time.


Philippines : Singapore : Malaysia : Thailand (Chiang Mai) : Myanmar : Thailand (Phuket) : Cambodia : Philippines (Manila) : Czech Republic : Open for booking…