Transformation Journal

While I enjoy doing write ups of places we have been together as a family on this website, I wanted to bring in a more personal aspect to this adventure. The title of the website, A Transformational Life, is not just about traveling with our family of five through different countries. It is about how we can all achieve a life we love, to live, and to share with others.

To the first point, achieving a life we love, a life you love, is an ultimate goal. This is not always about changing your circumstances, location, or job; this can also mean learning to be content with what you have and where you are. That is a mighty transformation for anyone, but I know it can be done.

Second, achieve a life to live. To live fully, beautifully, honestly, and with charity. Our family believes that “men are that they might have joy”. As you read this journal you can see that clearly there are not always joyous times in life. We’ve all experienced those not so enjoyable parts of life. However, we can have joy while going through those nasty bits of life, and that will create a positive atmosphere in which we can all live. Everyone has a life to live, it is up to you to believe it and make it a reality.

Third, to share with others our joys as well as growing parts of life. This also encompasses service to others, having a giving heart and hands. The more we impart of ourselves to others, the more the first two points covered can be achieved.

There have been opportunities to reflect and contemplate about this adventure we are on. From the beginning I have kept an {almost} daily transformation journal with memories I want to keep, little tid bits of culture I want to remember, the steep learning curve that takes place when you are abroad, raw feelings, and much more. I have decided to share some excerpts of my personal transformation journal.

In doing this I am really putting myself out in the world, but if it inspires even one person to live a life they love, to live it well, and share that life with others, then it is all worth it.